Born as Great Wines

“A modern wine with ancient beginnings.
Tradition for us has never been a barren nostalgia for the past, but rather a genuine basis for setting and achieving new targets with competence and innovation”.

Massimo Vidoni, wine consultant


Refosco dal P. R. Refossa
Merlot Refossa
Sauvignon Refossa

REFOSSA a personal philosophy based on three fundamental principles: elegance, balance and refinement. A potent and generous terroir, tamed to encompass all of this inside our precious bottles.

Refosco dal P. R. Refossa



The Refosco grapes are picked in the first week of October and left to dry for about two weeks in the winery’s loft, with natural ventilation. Destemmed, crushed grapes are placed in small conical barrels of French Allier oak and left to macerate for about three weeks, during which time the only work done is manual punching.
The subsequent drawing off and 15 day storage in steel tanks permits separation of the coarser lees, and the wine is then placed in French Allier oak barrels for one year.
At the end of the year following the vintage, the wine is bottled and left to age for a month in the laid-down bottle. Deep rubyred colour with violet hues. Intense aroma, vinous with hints of blackberry and wild berries.
Warm, powerful and velvety flavour with a perfect balance between acidity and structure.

Serve at 18-20 °C in large glasses.
Ideal with grilled red meat, game and mature cheeses.

Merlot Refossa


The grapes, harvested in the last week of September, are left to ferment in stainless steel tanks for about two weeks, during which time rémontage and delestage operations are carried out to extract colour and tannins from the skins.
Following this step, and having reached the optimal level of alcohol, the wine is separated from the kins and left to mature in steel tanks (80%) and oak barrels (20%).
Following on from this and as a result of the rigours of winter, the wine reaches its microbiological equilibrium and our only concern is to carry out decanting to separate the deposits formed on the bottom of the tank.
The Merlot is then blended and bottled in the late autumn following the harvest, with additional aging in the bottle for three months. With a full ruby-red colour, it has an intense vinous bouquet, with hints of forest fruits.
A dry flavour with corresponding notes experienced in the bouquet.

Serve at 18-20 °C in large glasses.
Ideal with red and white meats, flavoursome first courses and medium mature cheeses.

Sauvignon Refossa

DOC Friuli Grave


The vineyard uses two clones, the classic R3 that provides very fragrant wines, and 297 from which highly-structured wines are obtained. The grapes from the aromatic clone are macerated overnight at 6 °C while the others are vinified immediately.
The must obtained is decanted cold to obtain a very clean juice, blended and then fermented in a stainless steel tank at controlled temperature (max. 16 °C) for about 14 days, after which it is decanted twice to separate the wine from the coarser lees, leaving it in contact with the finer ones.
The cold winter helps stabilize the wine and clarify it in a natural fashion, giving a Sauvignon that, after being slightly clarified and filtered, is then bottled. Straw yellow with greenish hues, the bouquet is aromatic with hints of fruit such as white-fleshed peaches and wild flowers. The taste recalls all the sensations on the nose.

Serve in tulip glasses at 10-12 °C.
The wine goes well with fish or shellfish, either raw, steamed or fried and is excellent as an aperitif.