Bassi della Meduna
the "Terre Grasse" of Fiume Veneto

The land to the east of the Meduna river which furrows the Friuli plain between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea is lower than on the west bank and is therefore known as the "Bassi della Meduna" or Meduna Lowlands.
For millennia, it has received the precious nourishment of the seasonal floods, making it rich in silt and clay.

The Friuli plain extends along the foot of the Alps, to the south of the morainic amphitheatre. Protected by the mountains to the north, the plain quickly reaches the Adriatic coast where it enjoys an ideal microclimate.

Formed in the Quaternary era due to the combined action of first glaciers and then rivers, almost everywhere it is distinguished by massive deposits of gravel and stones known as “Magredi” (meagre lands) or Grave. At Fiume Veneto on the other hand, the torrential nature of the Grave rivers changes almost at once to a calm slowness, allowing the creation of a plain rich in silt and clay, a precious substance which represents the basis of our project.

Furrowed by the rivers Meduna, Noncello and Fiume together with numerous other streams testifying to the area's richness in water, we have been entrusted with these lands with their potential for great things.