The Estate

The style of the Villa Fossa Mala estate, formerly known as the Villa Bassi della Meduna, dates back to the 16th/17th century.
Its typical enclosed courtyard structure symbolises the villa civilisation that brought beauty to the Veneto-Friuli countryside from around 1600.
The nucleus of the “aristocratic villa” is adorned by a majestic centuries’ old magnolia tree.

Other signs of the Villa’s rural past are the drinking fountain, the cobblestone paving near the old stables and the large arches on the first floor originally used as a hayloft.
Several sections of the ancient architectural structure reveal the pattern of alternating river stones and bricks, used in past centuries to construct the walls.

Katia Roncadin is the owner of Fossa Mala.
This is her world, immersed in this hospitable natural environment and the history of an ancient land.

The family estate makes its living from cultivating the vineyards that go to make Fossa Mala wines great and which surround the Stables, Winery, Restaurant, Wine Shop and 15 agritourism rooms, almost as though shielding them from the chaos of modernity so that the Villa’s guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of this magical place in the heart of Friuli.