The Project

In the heart of the Friuli vineyards, the Villa Fossa Mala estate is
owned by the Roncadin family.
The point of reference for their family-run company, after a childhood spent playing on the estate, then abandoned and steeped in fascination, this is where Edoardo's dreams took concrete shape.
Here they experiment with the flavours of the local cuisine, accompanied by their own wines.

Fiume Veneto, 12 May 2003: this was the start of the Fossa Mala project, a young idea in an ancient land and the only one of its kind in the Grave del Friuli DOC area.

Unlike other parts of the Grave area, this land with a special calling is a "fat" land, rich with the silt and clay deposited down the millennia by the floods of the rivers typical of the area.

From the initial six hectares, it soon grew to the current size of 36 hectares:
constant growth thanks to the Roncadin family's determination to produce important and unique wines, capable of eliciting strong emotions.

The setting that encompasses and represents this passion is as unique as the intended results: an ancient villa on the Fiume Veneto plain, keeping vigil over the surrounding vineyards, over man’s labour and over the gentle alternating cycle of the seasons which together have made Fossa Mala a great wine.