The Winery


Conferring the grappes Introduction of the grapes is very rapid as the winery is located on the vineyard.
Here the grape harvest is followed immediately by crushing, destemming and pressing.

Cellaring The Fossa Mala Winery has a capacity of 9,000 hl, including 250 hl in wood. The tanks are all temperature controlled and the small and medium sizes allow the various types of grape to be separated efficiently.

Bottling The bottling line includes three monoblocs.
The first is for filling and corking the bottles, the second for washing, capsuling and labelling and the third for boxing.

The photovoltaic installation installed on the roof of the winery in 2011 provides the majority of the energy needed to make the wine.

The winery is conceived according to modern criteria able to exploit the year's work in the vineyard to the full.

The materials which accompany the journey from must to wine are steel, with its functional neutrality, and wood, with its ancient and irreplaceable ability to perfect the mosaic.


Attention to the environment is the philosophy which inspires the Fossa Mala Winery which in 2011 invested in a powerful photovoltaic installation able to supply the majority of the energy required, producing an average of about 380,000 kWh per year.

Together with other certified renewable energy sources, Fossa Mala aims at eco-sustainable production.